Are there any risks with Fraxel laser treatments?

laser treatmentIn the constant quest towards eternal youth, scientists and dermatologists have been researching the miracle formula that eliminates wrinkles, stretch marks and other skin abrasions. One of the revolutionary treatments to hit the market is called Fraxel laser therapy.

Miracle reduction of stretch marks
Fraxel laser technique has been the result of Dr. Cameron Rokhsar’s intensive research and findings. By being able to penetrate as much as 30% more than other treatments, this new laser treatment helps resurface skin layers, thereby reducing stretch marks and wrinkles. Every session of Fraxel laser therapy can resurface skin by 15 to 30%. This automatically means increased clarity, skin smoothness, suppleness and appearance with every session!

How it works
Fraxel laser treatment is also called Fractional laser therapy. It works by causing a small tissue damage in the stretch mark. This damage to the collagen in the stretch mark triggers the skin to start producing more collagen. With an increased collagen production, the skin is resurfaced faster, damaged tissue is repaired and rejuvenated and above all, stretch marks are diminished to a point where you cannot see them at all.

Risks associated
Fraxel laser treatment is probably one of the few laser techniques that have minimal risks associated with it. It is non-invasive, in that the upper skin layer is not affected. Resurfacing happens every session, meaning that the person can note enhanced clarity and appearance after each session. One hour prior to the session a numbing cream is applied to the area. During the procedure, vertical and horizontal passes are made with a hand device that passes the laser beam over the skin. A minor tingling sensation maybe experienced but it is not painful for most people. However, some persons may experience a pain during the treatment. After the treatment or session, a little redness or puffiness maybe noticed in the skin. However, this subsides within a day or two. Often, persons undergoing Fraxel treatment can resume normal activities the next day. Women can put on makeup and men can start shaving like they normally do. One needs to apply sunscreen after the treatment to ensure sun damage does not occur, especially as skin tends to get a little sensitive immediately after the Fraxel treatment.

Benefits noticed for weeks

The positive side of Fraxel treatment is that one continues to observe the positive effects for weeks after the treatment. Often the same skin clarity, luminosity and reduction of stretch marks continues for months on end. Right from reducing pores, to combating photo damage caused by the sun to eliminating the appearance of stretch marks, Fraxel does it all. Unlike so many other invasive and painful procedures that have longer recovery time spans, Fraxel has minimal or zero recovery time needed. Using a method known as Photothermolysis or FP, specific injury zones are crated with the aid of the computer. Through precision controlled movements, collagen production is triggered and the result is a more resurfaced skin texture.