Can Fraxel laser help stretch marks?

laser treatmentStretch marks can be nasty and the worst part is that there is no permanent cure for it. There are several topical creams and treatments containing RetinA and glycolic acid concentrations, which claim to do away with stretch marks. However, one of the most promising treatments these days is called Fraxel Laser therapy.

What is Fraxel laser treatment?
Fraxel laser is also called Fractional laser treatment. It is a kind of laser treatment, which works by causing a small tissue damage inside the stretch mark. This triggers the skin to start producing more collagen. Collagen is a substance found inside the skin, which is rich in proteins. Collagen helps the skin retain its elasticity and shape. The reason stretch marks occur is because of the dehydration and tearing of collagen. By inducing more production of collagen, all damaged tissues on the skin as well as stretch marks get filled up. New skin cells are generated and the result is a more resilient, luminous skin texture, devoid of stretch marks.

How can it help me?
Fraxel laser can help resurface as much as 20% of the surface of the skin. Due to the tissue damage caused by Fraxel treatment more elastin and collagen is produced inside the skin. This in turn helps in improving texture of skin, reducing appearance of stretch marks and improving skin clarity with every successive treatment.

How is Fraxel treatment administered?
A topical mode of anesthesia is applied to the area affected by the stretch marks. A special handheld device is used to glide over the skin affected by stretch marks. This has micro-dermabrasion agents underneath the device, which work to polish up the skin. Each session of Fraxel laser treatment takes anywhere from 20 to 25 minutes. If you notice a redness of skin post treatment, this will disappear within a couple of days. There is no downtime for such a treatment procedure.

Narrow invisible beam
The laser used in Fraxel therapy is extremely narrow and not visible. In fact, it is so narrow, that it is as thin as a human hair strand! The laser beam destroys specific portions of the collagen. This helps in stimulating collagen production inside the skin surface. However, the beauty about Fraxel treatment is that it does not damage the upper layer of skin. Once the procedure or session is completed, there is no downtime or post treatment therapy needed for recovery.

FDA approved and positive results

Fraxel treatment has been FDA approved, which means it is safe and has shown beneficial results. Whoever has tried this therapy has reported dramatic reduction in stretch marks. In fact, the results are so promising that Fraxel may get FDA approval for treatment of even striae. With a surface penetration capacity of 30% more than other treatments, Fraxel helps resurface the underlying skin layers positively. Every successive session will resurface skin by 15 or 30%, meaning that the results will be very dramatic. This means good news for all stretch marks sufferers and improved skin clarity.