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Many patients have tried topical creams and gels for stretch mark removal and found that they are not effective. The same goes for options like dermabrasion and chemical peels, which also provide poor results.

In the meantime, lasers have revolutionized the stretch mark removal process. Lasers work to stimulate the skin’s natural synthesis of collagen, a protein-rich compound that repairs and rejuvenates skin tissue. Lasers also seal broken blood vessels and repair the fibers of the middle skin to help “fill in” the stretch marks.

Fraxel lasers (Fraxel Re:Store Dual and Fraxel Re:Pair) are the most effective treatments for stretch mark removal available today. After treatment you will see improvement in the texture, diameter and depth of the stretch marks.

We also use the Vbeam Perfecta pulsed dye laser to effectively treat the red color of stretch marks. We often use these two lasers in combination to produce the best stretch mark removalresults. These noninvasive treatments require little or no down time and we’re confident that you will love the results.