How can I prevent stretch marks?

laser treatmentNo one likes stretch marks. Although they do not pose a health hazard, they certainly make the skin look less attractive. Stretch marks typically occur when the skin is unable to keep up with the body’s growth.

Are stretch marks preventable?
While there maybe no real cure once you get stretch marks, you can certainly prevent them by moisturizing the area regularly and with a high-grade cream. This is especially true when you are pregnant. If you massage your stomach regularly with a cream containing cocoa butter then you can greatly prevent the damage caused to the dermis and the collagen inside. When the collagen gets dried up it can reduce its elasticity and flexibility. Thus, when the body is undergoing hormonal changes at the time of pregnancy the skin will change too. By keeping the skin hydrated at all times, you prevent damage to the sub layers, thereby preventing stretch marks from appearing.

Genetically prone
While keeping the skin moisturized can go a long way in preventing stretch marks, they may not help if you are genetically predisposed to getting them. This means that some women’s DNA indicates that they will get stretch marks even if they keep the skin moisturized. If you already have stretch marks then you can proceed to eliminate or reduce them using retinol based creams or even skin laser treatments. However, you need professional assistance from qualified dermatologists for this purpose.

Weight loss and stretch marks
If you have rapidly lost weight then a side effect of this can be nasty stretch marks. This is why many fitness consultants and experts recommend losing weight gradually. Instead of going on a crash diet and depriving your body of nutrients and hitting the gym with a vengeance, it would be better to go at your weight loss in a slow and steady manner. Never over exercise or try to shed too much weight in a short time.

Water to keep hydrated
Water helps our bodies in many ways than just one. It keeps our internal organs functioning properly, helps us stay hydrated and above all gives us life. If you wish to prevent stretch marks in the long-term then make sure to drink plenty of water. If you are pregnant then make sure to drink much more water than you normally do. By drinking more water you help keep the elasticity of your skin’s middle layer or dermis intact. In addition, the collagen inside the dermis does not get dehydrated and can take the sudden changes in the skin and composition of the body. Inspite of hormonal changes happening during pregnancy, the protein balance of the skin will not be disrupted so much if you drink more water.

Avoiding diuretics

Diuretics such as coffee and tea should be avoided. If you drink too much of these your body has a tendency to lose the fluids. This causes the skin to become dehydrated and lose its suppleness and elasticity. This is a very conducive environment for stretch marks to flourish and hence you should avoid diuretics to prevent such marks.