Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks FAQ’s

laser treatmentWhat are Stretch Marks?
Stretch marks developed for several reasons, either through the skin being stretched excessively during pregnancy or weight gain or growth spurts.
They appear where the skin has been stretched so much that it cant stretch anymore, that’s when you see tiny tears appear on the skin.
The stretch marks appear red or perhaps purple because the dermal collagen is damaged, and the blood vessels dilations causes this color change. Over time the redness starts to fade or become lighter than the skin around the area.

Will I get Stretch Marks?
Many people get stretch marks mostly pregnant women nearly 90% of pregnant women will get stretch marks, stretch marks in young people are caused by growth spurts and or sudden excessive weight gain.
Around 70% of females in their teens will get them and around 5% of males.
There are many places stretch marks may appear foe example: abdomen, buttocks, thighs, hips etc. sometimes body altering sports play a part in the development of stretch marks for instance weight lifting, also steroid drugs used for body building.

How can I treat them?
If you’re thinking of laser treatment then the NEW Fraxel laser is properly the best available.
The Fraxel laser treatment acts upon the deeper collagen and elastin tissues as the treatment stimulates these area of the skin.
With each treatment 20% of your skin will be re-surfaced, the laser acts on the collagen stimulating it without damaging the skins surface also helping the skin to become more like your normal skin.
The Improvements will be seen after a number of Fraxel laser treatments the stretch marks will appear totally different in width, depth, texture and color.

What is the laser treatment like?
There are a series of laser treatments roughly 2 weeks apart.
Firstly the area has to be cleaned thoroughly next a blue dye is placed on the skin, this dye helps the laser to target the stretch marks and not the normal skin.
A topical anesthetic cream is applied for your comfort. Next the laser is guided across the area of skin being treated for stretch mark removal.
This treatment usually takes between 20 – 25 min’s.
The healing process is quick due to the new way the lasers energy is delivered to your skin.